Freedom Network USA 2020 Member Report

Freedom Network USA 2020 Member Report

Freedom Network USA 2020 Member Report

Data can be many things. Social media is full of numbers and claims about human trafficking in the US that is disconnected and misleading.

What the anti-trafficking field needs is useful data that helps us to respond to the needs of survivors with policies, programs, and strategies that actually reduce trafficking, increase accountability, and improve the lives of survivors. At FNUSA we strive to use the data we gather to focus and improve our work and impact.

This report presents the data we have gathered from our members representing the work they are doing, the survivors they are working with, the challenges they are facing, and the innovative solutions they are developing. FNUSA exists to gather this vast wisdom from the best anti-trafficking programs across the country in order to identify the trends, emerging issues, and best practices. We then share this information broadly to support the development of a stronger and more effective anti-trafficking field.

The quantitative data shows that our field is growing stronger, more inclusive, and is having a greater impact; the qualitative data tells a story of resilience, creativity, and determination. Faced with barriers, old and new, FNUSA members are developing new strategies and partnerships to ensure that survivors are provided with the respect, protection, and support that they need and deserve.

We hope that you also find this report helpful in inspiring and supporting your work in these challenging times.

Please note that all names, images, and identifying information in this report have been changed to protect the privacy of the survivors.

Read the full report here.