The Educator's Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Toolkit

This toolkit is a resource for educators who are interested in including human trafficking topics in their classes.  It provides resources with basic information about human trafficking, as well as lesson plans for elementary school to college level courses.

Human trafficking 101 Information to Review Before Teaching

    • The Educator’s Role in Talking to/ Teaching Children About Human Trafficking is a short blog on the topic.
    • Commonly asked questions and important facts about human trafficking

How to Talk to Kids About Human Trafficking

    • Blogs on Talking to Kids about Trafficking published by Human Trafficking Search
      • This two-part Human Trafficking Search blog series gives tips, videos, and specific questions to ask when talking to kids about trafficking.  Part I explains how to start a conversation with children about human trafficking.  Part II goes how to continue the conversation.
    • Guide “How to Talk to Kids about Sex Trafficking
      • This guide, by End Sex Trafficking, includes information on spotting the signs that kids are being trafficked, safety measures for adults and children to take, and basic information about sex trafficking.
    • UNICEF USA guide “How to Talk to Your Kids About Trafficking
      • This guide, produced by UNICEF USA, provides tips on how adults can speak with their children about trafficking.

Lesson Plans (Elementary through College Levels)

  • Elementary School Age Lesson Plans:
    • A guide & curriculum provided by Stop Sex Trafficking.  This “Conversation Guide” was written by a survivor and advocacy leader, Savannah Sanders, for her organization Sex Trafficking Prevention.
    • ARTREACH is an interactive creative arts program developed by Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships designed to instill a sense of awareness about human trafficking in our community’s boys and girls and to empower them to become peer spokespersons.


  • Middle School Age Lesson Plans:
    • This lesson plan was produced by Speak Truth to Power.  It is designed to for a two hour class.
    • A guide produced by UNICEF that includes lesson plans, handouts, and relevant background information.
    • Not a #Number is a child trafficking curriculum developed by Love146

Last update January 2021


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