Invest Your Time & Money

Combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery takes time and money. There are a number of ways to invest in the anti-trafficking movement at the local, national, and global levels. Identify where you want to make a difference and contribute to organizations working in that space.


Many nonprofits addressing human trafficking and modern-day slavery have limited budgets, volunteering your time is a great way to fight human trafficking and learn more about the anti-trafficking movement. may be a good way to locate a volunteer opportunity.

Remember, the anti-trafficking movement is a large community. Volunteering your time with organizations focused on survivors, at-risk youth, and/or policy and advocacy is a great way to contribute to the prevention and eradication of human trafficking and modern-day slavery as well as to support survivors.

Are you a student? Apply to internships at anti-trafficking organizations to help fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery, gain experience, and build your resume.

Are you a lawyer or a healthcare provider? These services are needed in the anti-trafficking community. Contact local organizations if you are interested in volunteering your services. Lawyers may want to connect with the Human Trafficking Legal Center, while healthcare providers may want to join HEAL Trafficking, a group of multidisciplinary professionals that address human trafficking from a public health perspective.

For a full list of anti-trafficking organizations in your area (and to find out which ones have volunteer opportunities) check out End Slavery Now’s ‘Connect’ directory, search by locality,  and look for the green check marks in the ‘volunteer opportunities’ column. 


Money talks. Donate and/or raise funds for anti-trafficking organizations. Research organizations that are working in your area of interest and donate to the cause. Relevant organizations include those focused on human trafficking and modern-day slavery, child and forced marriage. Know where your money is going, you can check the reputation of an organization by looking it up on Charity Navigator and/or Guidestar.

In addition to money, you can also donate goods. Agencies providing emergency shelters and/or transitional housing are often in need of small and large donations of household items, clothing, food, and hygienic supplies, among other things. Contact a local organization to see what is most needed and donate items or organize a drive to collect goods.

The Global Modern Slavery Directory allows you to search thousands of organizations by location, check out their websites, see what populations they work with and what services they provide. The listings also give contact information for each organization. We encourage you to find an organization in your area or an area you care about, get in contact with them, and see what kinds of donations they need to continue doing the work they do.


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