Student Convening Signals a New Era of Human Trafficking Activism

Student Convening Signals a New Era of Human Trafficking Activism


The National Center for Civil and Human Rights has a two-prong approach. One, to tell the stories of brave individuals who were engaged on all levels in the American Civil Rights Movement; the second, to illuminate current human rights issues in order to inform and empower people to take the protection of every human’s rights personally. A pressing human rights issue of today is Human Trafficking, which many have coined as Modern Day Slavery.
What we know is that more people are enslaved today than during the Atlantic Slave Trade of the 16th Century and millions are trafficked each year across borders, domestic state lines, and within our communities.   The National Center for Civil and Human Rights focuses a portion of our human rights exhibition on Human Trafficking and continues to provide programming and conversation on this important issue.

On November 15th in Atlanta, Georgia – and worldwide via video conference – the National Center for Civil and Human Rights will host its first student convening on human trafficking activism. Registration is free and open to all college students who aim to make a difference in ending human trafficking. The one-day convening represents more than a gathering of student activists, but also an opportunity to engage students in joining a movement to combat all forms of human trafficking– labor, sex and domestic servitude. The convening will provide an incubator for action-based programs radiating from campuses, schools, and communities around the word.

Just as the courage and actions of student groups accelerated the American Civil Rights Movement in the 20th Century, students are now called to join a 21st Century student-led movement to end human trafficking.   The National Center for Civil and Human Rights believes that social change movements emanate from people committed to achieving cultural shifts. This requires a change of minds, hearts, laws and actions.

Students ready to spark this movement to end human trafficking are invited to join us on November 15th from 9:30am-3:30 pm. Those who can be in Atlanta on November 15th may join the conference in-person at The Center for Civil and Human Rights. Those who cannot travel to Atlanta may join the conference live via video conferencing. All you need is an internet connected device–laptop, tablet, or smart phone. – Registration is free! Lunch will be provided for those in Atlanta.

Registering for the event is simple: send an email to Please give us your name, email and cell phone information, along with the college or university you currently attend. You will receive registration confirmation and specific event details promptly.

In addition to connecting with like-minded students from a variety of campus communities, attendees will hear directly from survivors of human trafficking as well as architects of civil and human rights social movements. Be prepared to be informed and inspired to return to your campus community with new ideas and collaborative partners.

We want to hear from you. You will inform the next action steps. You will lead the movement.

Fifty years ago brave students changed America and inspired the world. We know you will do the same. The time has come.

Deborah Richardson is the Executive Vice President of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.