IOM Launches Global Policy Network to Promote Ethical Recruitment

IOM Launches Global Policy Network to Promote Ethical Recruitment

IOM Launches Global Policy Network to Promote Ethical Recruitment

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched today (3 December 2020) a Global Policy Network to promote ethical recruitment and the protection of migrant workers.

Cross-border recruitment is a vital part of facilitating international labour mobility. When implemented in a fair and transparent manner, it contributes to safe and orderly labour migration, which benefits countries of origin and destination, employers, and migrants. However, when international standards are not adhered to, the risks to migrant workers can be severe. Fraudulent and unethical behaviour by unscrupulous labour recruiters can lead to conditions of human trafficking and forced labour.

The new Global Policy Network on Recruitment will address shortcomings in regulation and enforcement that can exacerbate vulnerabilities and lead to gaps in the protection of migrant workers. It will bring together policy makers, regulators, and practitioners from around the world to collectively identify solutions, highlight promising practices and address complex challenges.

“IOM is proud to announce the new government-driven policy network on recruitment, and we look forward to supporting our Member States to make it a reality,” said IOM Director General António Vitorino.

“Migrant workers around the world need our collective support; the challenges they face have been brought into stark relief by the ongoing pandemic. The global community has a duty to address these challenges, and the Policy Network will make a vital contribution to that effort. We hope you will join us.”

Network membership will help States implement their commitment to safe migration and strengthen their migration governance by facilitating dialogue, knowledge transfer and sharing of good practices. The Network will introduce Members to leading-edge, innovative solutions to the common challenges that policy makers and regulators face.

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