Strength in Numbers: Publication of the Freedom Collaborative user Case Studies Report

Strength in Numbers: Publication of the Freedom Collaborative user Case Studies Report

Strength in Numbers: Publication of the Freedom Collaborative user Case Studies Report

Our new report describes the experiences of four of our member groups and the impact of the Freedom Collaborative platform on their work, the U.S. bans cotton made by slave labour in China’s Xinjiang province, and the IOM launches a global network for the protection of migrant workers.

We are delighted to announce the publication of our case study report documenting the experiences of anti-trafficking organizations that work on the frontlines in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam, and illustrating Freedom Collaborative’s impact on their activities. Thank you to The Freedom Story, Free to Shine, North South Initiative, and Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation for your openness, honesty, and ongoing support.

Freedom Collaborative was launched in 2016 by Liberty Shared, with support from Chab Dai International, as an online platform for cross-border cooperation between anti-trafficking service providers in Asia. Since then, we have been excited to see the momentum it has gathered and the change it has created, and have continued to shape and improve this ambitious and independent platform for the global anti-trafficking community.

As we moved into 2020, the need for an information-sharing mechanism for anti-trafficking stakeholders became even more evident as the COVID-19 pandemic hit both vulnerable communities and responding agencies, affecting them in many ways. However, the work we had done in previous years had laid the foundations for us to adjust quickly and increase our engagement with members, allowing them to stay focused on delivering the support their clients need.

The four partners featured were chosen as inspiring examples of organizations that provide critical services directly to vulnerable communities, and also for their efforts in promoting the case for collaboration with other groups. Furthermore, these reports show the ways in which organizations have used the Freedom Collaborative platform not only to share information but also to seek out support and advice, in order to work more effectively.

Our impact is demonstrated through the changes we have instigated: a greater overview of actors and efforts, fewer barriers to information sharing, and increased access to resources and data for frontline organizations. We are proud of our accomplishments in driving progress in the global anti-trafficking community.

All our work is made possible through our collaborations with an extraordinary group of partners and members. We are grateful for your continued support, which has allowed us to build a truly global community of organizations and activists committed to fighting human trafficking and addressing the vulnerabilities of local populations. We are looking forward to making further progress on the complex problems of our sector through new thinking, new approaches and new coalitions.

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