Human Trafficking Search joins Freedom United to strengthen the anti-trafficking movement

Human Trafficking Search joins Freedom United to strengthen the anti-trafficking movement

Human Trafficking Search joins Freedom United to strengthen the anti-trafficking movement

Human Trafficking Search (HTS) and Freedom United are pleased to announce their strategic partnership, joining forces to strengthen the drive to end human trafficking. 

This groundbreaking union between two leading-edge organizations in the anti-trafficking space marks a pivotal moment in the mission to eradicate modern slavery. The partnership will unite communities worldwide, expanding the audience Freedom United reaches and building power behind their campaigns to end human trafficking.

The decision to combine forces stems from the natural alignment of missions, activities, and values between Human Trafficking Search and Freedom United. Both organizations share a common vision of a world free from all forms of modern slavery, and are committed to community empowerment, anti-discrimination and social action to achieve this goal.

Human Trafficking Search, founded in 2006 is renowned for its global reach, original research, and extensive database. Its founder, Elizabeth Pathy Salett, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The goals of HTS have always been about achieving tangible outcomes in the reduction of modern slavery. Joining with the inspirational team at Freedom United will strengthen the worldwide movement to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking.”

“Freedom United, like Human Trafficking Search, is an innovator with a nimble team speaking out on some of the most challenging human trafficking topics.” said Joanna Ewart-James, Executive Director of Freedom United. “By joining forces, we will be better positioned to respond to today’s challenges and build resilience against all forms of modern slavery.”

This partnership will directly address critical anti-trafficking issues, including ending prison slavery, advocating for an amendment to the 13th Amendment in the U.S., pressuring the Chinese government to halt persecution in the Uyghur Region, improving trafficking protection for children in institutional care, and integrating measures to address climate change into anti-slavery efforts.

Freedom United’s vision of a world resilient to modern slavery will be fortified by this collaboration with Human Trafficking Search. Together, their collective community of supporters will be empowered through awareness, education, and action to create a world free of all forms of modern slavery.

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Joanna Ewart-James, Freedom United,

About Human Trafficking Search: Human Trafficking Search is a leading organization dedicated to combating human trafficking through original research, global outreach, and the provision of essential resources. Their work focuses on raising awareness, driving policy changes, and generating tangible outcomes in the fight against modern slavery.

About Freedom United: Freedom United is a dynamic organization dedicated to mobilizing communities, advocating for policy changes, and fostering collective action to end human trafficking and modern slavery. With a focus on creating a resilient world, Freedom United empowers individuals and communities to make a lasting impact on the fight against human trafficking.



  1. Dan Blake

    Says September 11, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    I am a regular reader of your newsletter. The latest edition of your newsletter has a headline about Cubans being trafficked to fight for Russia in Ukraine. There is no story. The link for the headline takes you to a generic video on trafficking. Please forward me your evidence to support this headline. Awaiting your reply.
    Dan Blake

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