Limbs broken, was blinded by chemicals: Kanpur man sold for Rs 70K to beggars

Limbs broken, was blinded by chemicals: Kanpur man sold for Rs 70K to beggars

Limbs broken, was blinded by chemicals: Kanpur man sold for Rs 70K to beggars

In a shocking incident from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, a 30-year-old man was taken hostage and forced to beg after he was blinded and his limbs were broken.

The incident took place six months ago, when the victim, identified as Suresh Manjhi, was roaming in search of a job and was kidnapped under the Jhakarkati bridge by his acquaintance, Vijay.

Vijay thrashed Manjhi and broke his hand and feet. He also shot at him and blinded him by putting chemicals in his eyes. Then the accused sold Manjhi to Raj, the leader of a beggar gang in Delhi, for Rs 70,000. There, Manjhi’s health deteriorated due to torture, so the gang leader sent him back to Kanpur two months ago to the accused Vijay.

Since then, the accused has been forcing him to beg, while keeping him hungry and thirsty in the city.

However, Manjhi managed to reach his home in Naubasta, where he met his brothers Ramesh and Pravesh, with the help of a passerby at Kidwainagar intersection.

The victim said, “I was dropped at Kidwai nagar at night, it’s been 4-5 days since I was dropped here.”

When regional councilor Prashant Shukla came to know about the incident, he asked the victim’s family to lodge a complaint at Naubasta police station.

The local councillor said, “The matter is related to human trafficking. The man was kidnapped and his hands were broken, his leg was cut, a chemical was put in his eyes, after which he became blind, he was sold for Rs 70,000. He was being forced to beg in Delhi. He was returned for resale in Kanpur after he became ill there. He was then spotted by some locals after he shouted for help.”

“I called the police when the matter came to my notice, but police didn’t give the proper response. He has been sent for medical treatment and the case has been registered there,” the councillor added.

ACP Vikas Pandey said, “The local MLA gave information regarding the atrocities inflicted on the man, complaint has been received, he has been sent for medical. Action will be taken accordingly.”

DCP South Pramod Kumar said that an FIR has been registered against three people in the case. A team has been formed for investigation.