End Trafficking Month Toolkit

End Trafficking Month Toolkit

End Trafficking Month Toolkit

UNICEF USA created a toolkit for end trafficking month.

Children around the globe — whether born abroad or right here in our backyard — face a world of significant challenges, but also immense opportunity. At UNICEF USA, we are working to build a world where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential, free from violence and exploitation. We do this because we believe that a world fit for children is a world fit for all.

We invite you to stand with us in saying that even one child trafficked is one too many. Through your advocacy, education, fundraising, and community building efforts, you can help us end this practice. This means that you will not only provide opportunity for today’s children, but will also help us build a more stable, safe and sustainable world for generations to come.

What is End Trafficking Month?In the U.S., January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month — also known as End Trafficking Month (ETM) here at UNICEF USA (UUSA). We invite concerned individuals just like you to take action to raise awareness throughout January and combat trafficking in your everyday life.

What will I find in this toolkit?

This toolkit is designed to give you the resources to educate, advocate, build community and fundraise around this year’s ETM theme: Root Causes. Each section will give you concise background information on some of the things that allow trafficking to persist, and how you can use conscious consumerism as a tool to #DemandChange:

Page 3 — Get empowered to educate others on trafficking and some of its root causes

Page 4 — Use conscious consumerism to advocate for change

Page 5 — Get active to build a community that puts children first

Page 6 — Host an event or fundraiser to raise awareness and support UNICEF’s global work

Page 7 — Learn how to #DemandChange all year long

Page 8 — View resources to help you turn these suggestions into a reality

read the full toolkit here