Truckers Against Trafficking: Trafficking Prevention Wallet Card

Truckers Against Trafficking: Trafficking Prevention Wallet Card

Truckers Against Trafficking: Trafficking Prevention Wallet Card


Use the above link to print the wallet card or view it with graphics

If you’re watching a crime in progress, call 911 and then call the hotline.
If you’re at a truck stop/travel plaza or any other place of business, please
notify the manager-on-duty of the suspicious activity; she/he needs to be
aware of what is taking place on the lot and assist in ending it.
Please do not approach traffickers. Allow law enforcement to deal with
traffickers and recover victims. Approaching traffickers is not only dangerous
for you and their victims but could lead to problems in the eventual
prosecution of traffickers.
There is now a lifetime ban on a CDL for any individual who uses their CMV to
commit a felony involving a severe form of human trafficking. All 50 states and
DC have a law criminalizing sex trafficking. Some states punish sex purchasers
the same as sex traffickers, generally with felony level crimes, and 31 states
have a buyer-applicable trafficking law that prohibits a mistake-of-age defense
in prosecutions for buying a commercial sex act with any minor under 18.

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Traffickers use force, fraud and coercion

to control their victims. Any minor being sold for sex is a victim of human traffick-
ing. Trafficking can occur in many locations, including bus terminals, restaurants,

hotels/motels, strip clubs, casinos, private homes, truck stops, etc. Moreover,
traffickers utilize bus terminals to recruit victims out of, as well as the bus itself
to transport their victims. Whether you work behind a ticket counter, conduct bus
maintenance, or are a professional driver, members of the bus industry are in a
position to spot potential human trafficking situations and save a life. To report a
tip or to help a victim access services, call the National Hotline at:
1-888-3737-888 (US)  1-800-222-TIPS (Canada)
01800-5533-000 (Mexico)  Text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

For law enforcement to open an investigation on your tip, they need “action-
able information,” and as many details as you can provide. Specific tips

helpful when reporting to the hotline would include:
 Descriptions of cars (make, model, color, license plate number, etc.) and
people (height, weight, hair color, eye color, age, etc.) Take a picture if you can.
 Specific times and dates (When did you see the event in question take
place? What day was it?)  Addresses and locations where suspicious activity took place

Questions to Ask:
 Do you know the person who is picking you up?  Do you feel safe with the person you’re traveling with?  Do your parents/siblings/relatives know where you are? If not, why not?  Are you free to come and go as you please?  Are you or your family being threatened? What is the nature of the
Trafficking Red Flags to Look For:

 Restricted or controlled communication—not allowed to
speak for self  Disheveled appearance, unkempt, alone, scared/crying  Offers to exchange sex for a ride, meal, etc.  Does not know the person who is
picking them up  Any acknowledgement that she/he has a
pimp and is making a quota  Signs of branding or tattooing (often of trafficker’s name)