2017 | Laura Chipler Chico

This book uses fictional case vignettes  based on true stories and on real dilemmas faced in the field. They highlight the obstacles to successfully identifying victims and getting to the truth in interviews. They illustrate the hidden reasons many victims stay in abusive situations, though their chains might not be tangible or easily understood by an outsider. The case studies explore the pitfalls and challenges to designing and implementing culturally competent interventions that do not re-victimize or re-traumatize survivors. They grapple with the additional challenges of working through an interpreter and collaborating effectively across sectors to prosecute traffickers and protect victims.

Tags: Service Providers, Researcher, Educator, Social Workers, Counselor, NGO, North America, Sex trafficking, Involuntary Domestic servitude, Debt bondage, Domestic servitude, Labor trafficking, Child trafficking, Child sex trafficking, Child labor trafficking, Commercial Sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), Forced labor, Labor exploitation, Sexual exploitation, Modern-slavery, Bonded labor, Training materials, Educational Materials, Toolkits, United States, ,