Oman’s human trafficking corridor

Oman’s human trafficking corridor

Oman’s human trafficking corridor

Fareeda’s story

Recruited to work as a domestic worker in Dubai, Fareeda, a 49-year-old woman from India was promised a monthly salary of AED 1,400 ($381) with free food and accommodation. Upon arrival, Fareeda’s passport and documents were confiscated, and it became clear that her recruiter, Shenas, had lied. After 21 days of hard labor, she became ill and needed hospitalization.

Imran, Fareeda’s husband, said,

“We told Shenaz we would pay for Fareeda’s tickets, and she seemed to agree. But Shenaz deceived her after that. She told Fareeda she was being sent to India, but instead trafficked her to Muscat by road.”

Fareeda begged the agent to send her back to Hyderabad, but she was instead trafficked to Muscat, Oman.  She continued to be exploited as her health deteriorated. Currently, Fareeda is taking shelter at the Indian embassy in Oman, waiting for her repatriation.

Pavana’s sotry

In a parallel incident, 24-year-old Pavana was promised employment in Dubai but, along with eight other women, ended up trafficked to Oman, where they were forced to work without pay.

“[Pavana] had made a video call to her brother after boarding the plane in Delhi on December 16 and after that there was no trace of her. On Tuesday, the family received a voice message from an unknown number from Oman, in which the girl said she and seven-eight other girls had been taken to Oman and their lives were in danger.” – a report from The Tribune.

Pavana now awaits repatriation at the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia.

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