COVID-19: A Rapid Human Rights Due Diligence Tool for Companies

COVID-19: A Rapid Human Rights Due Diligence Tool for Companies

COVID-19: A Rapid Human Rights Due Diligence Tool for Companies

The critical role of business during the time of COVID-19 is clear for everyone to see. Whether it is providing access to accurate information, continuing to pay hourly waged staff, or ensuring continuity of emergency supplies, companies are central to our collective response.

It also seems clear that this role won’t just continue, but it will intensify and become more difficult over time. Companies are going to run low on income, operate with reduced human capacity, and face increasing pressure from governments to assist with emergency COVID-19 efforts.

The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has reached such a level of imminent threat to public health that restrictions on certain human rights, such as limiting freedom of movement, appear to be justified. A lot has been written about human rights and the role of governments during this time of emergency, such as this analysis from Human Rights Watch on the application of human rights law and this appeal from leading UN human rights experts for states not to abuse emergency measures to suppress human rights.

But this begs a critically important question: what are the key human rights principles for companies to uphold during this public emergency?

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) expect companies to identify and assess actual or potential adverse human rights impacts and to take appropriate action to address them. Under normal circumstances, companies have weeks, months, or even years to complete this due diligence; not so in the age of COVID-19, when decisions are being made by the hour.

Using the UNGPs and the various human rights principles, standards, and methodologies upon which the UNGPs were built, BSR had previously developed a rapid human rights due diligence tool to help with this rapid decision-making challenge. We’re making this tool publicly available today.

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