Stakeholders and individuals can take action and make a difference for children in 2021. To find out how to make an Action Pledge, share your journey, and scale up, browse this Practical Guide.

This year, we will be asking and supporting all pledge makers to identify 2021 Action Pledges that are:

• Specific and achievable in 2021

• Measurable so that progress can be communicated throughout the year

• Scalable, either by you or a fellow pledgemaker, in the lead up to 2025

Think carefully about what your region, country, organization or you yourself want to share so that others can learn from your experiences. When choosing an Action Pledge, ask yourself:

• What one action would you be most proud of?

• Which specific steps will need to be taken and what resources need to be mobilized to achieve this action by the end of 2021?

• How will you assess that the pledge has been fulfilled?

When formulating your Action Pledge, you will need to answer the following questions in the submission form:

• Name of your Action Pledge (max 20 words)

• How will you implement your 2021 Action Pledge?

• How will your Action Pledge contribute to ending child labour by 2025? (max 100 words)

• How will you communicate about this 2021 Action Pledge?

This last one is key as regular communication about the implementation process will not only inspire others to follow your lead but will also show how these commitments are turned into real action. Flip through this guide to find examples of 2021 Action Pledges tailored to each stakeholder group, as well as tips on how to inspire others and scale up.

Learn more about the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor here.