2008 | UNODC, Regional Office of South Asia

This Manual for training police on Anti Human Trafficking (AHT) is a part of the series of tools brought out by UNODC ROSA, in its anti human trafficking project (IND/S16), which is being run in partnership with the Government of India (Ministry of Home Affairs) and state government agencies as well as civil society partners and is fully funded by the US government. This Manual focusing on the needs of the police trainers has been supported by the UNODC, and prepared by the Gender Training Institute (GTI) of the Centre for Social Research (CSR), New Delhi. This Manual owes its existence to the understanding of the ground realities and an effort to address them in the best possible way. Finding its primary relevance in facilitating a change in perspective and attitude towards issues of human trafficking, this Manual endeavors to provide useful tips to the police trainer who can in turn enable the police personnel to better appreciate the nuances of the unique interface found in police-victim/survivor interactions.