2011 | Britney Molloy

Human trafficking is the trading of a man, woman, or child for the use of forced labor, sexual exploitation, or other forms of oppression and exploitation. This is a phenomenon that is growing worldwide. According the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report of 2010, there are approximately 800,000 individuals, mostly women and children, who are trafficked internationally each year (CIA, 2011).  The TIP Report also reveals that, “75% of all victims are trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation” (CIA, 2011). Most would agree that human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. According to the International Labor Organization, there is an estimated 12.3 million people who are currently enslaved worldwide (CIA, 2011). Slavery, especially in today’s society, should not be tolerated. So why, then, is there such a demand for the trafficking of humans? More specifically, what fuels this demand in countries like Latin America?