2016 | NCAI Policy Research Center

Human and sex trafficking is a crime that affects nearly every community across our nation; it is an insidious threat that has proven difficult to track and quantify, and exceedingly hard to dismantle. While there is a perception that human trafficking involves international criminals targeting victims living in the developing world, it is commonplace here in the US and in Indian Country. We can not ignore the networks, pipelines, the victims, or the systems that enable human trafficking.

In this Tribal Insights Brief, the NCAI Policy Research Center paints a portrait of human trafficking in American Indian and Alaska Native communities—from its root causes and historical context to current trends—in order to emphasize the systemic policy and program levers that are essential in combating this crime. Our goal is to support tribal nations in promoting health and justice for their citizens by raising awareness of and engagement with this critical issue for our communities.