Spreading the word starts with your inner circle of family, friends, and community.  There are numerous things you can do to spread the word about human trafficking.

Engage in conversations

Share resources and information that you have found interesting with family and friends. The first step in disseminating information about trafficking is to share and exchange thoughts about it.

Utilize social media 

Like or follow organizations that do anti-trafficking work. Post or share links to newspaper articles, photos, statistics, or short film clips – anything that can start a conversation about modern-day slavery. You can follow Human Trafficking Search here for updates and posts on current events in the anti-trafficking movement.

Host a movie night

Watch a film about trafficking with your friends.  Have a discussion afterwards about what you viewed and how you can take further action. Check out the films in our database for movies and documentaries.

Talk to Your Kids

Human Trafficking happens everywhere, including in schools. It is important that children and youth are aware of what trafficking is and how it occurs. Human Trafficking Search created a guide to support you in speaking with your kids about trafficking. Check it out here. 

Print and Post Informational Posters

Get permission from bar owners, apartment complex managers, school officials, small clinic operators, and any public venue to post the definition of trafficking, the national hotline number, questions to ask about different situations, and how to get help. We recommend contacting a local organization that may already be doing outreach to see how you can support them.

Speak to Teachers and Parents

Teachers have the power to incorporate human trafficking into yearly social studies programs or host speakers on human trafficking. Parents can spread the word to their children. If you are a parent, talk to an educator and direct them to search our database for resources for educators.

Do a Class Project or Presentation 

If you are a student, share your knowledge on human trafficking with your classmates by gearing a project or presentation to the topic of human trafficking. Use our Global Database to aid you with your research.