Researching the facts and spreading the word in your close circle is essential. However, there are additional ways to speak up and demand changes. Here are a few:


Researching and writing about human trafficking is a great way to speak up.

  • Write a blog post about human trafficking: If you have a blog, share your knowledge about human trafficking with your readers. Contact us if you are interested in being considered for publication on our blog.
  • Write an Editorial Piece: Submit your writing to a local newspaper to spread awareness and spark communal action.

Apply Travel Pressure

Are you planning your next holiday? Check out the Trafficking in Persons Report and find out which countries are the most serious offenders. Write a letter to their travel bureau and tell them you won’t visit the country until they address the issue.

Save The National Human Trafficking Hotline Number in your Phone

Know the signs and red flags of possible human trafficking. Save 1-888-373-7888  in your phone and be ready to call the hotline number if you suspect human trafficking is occurring.

Contact your Local, State and Federal Representatives

Write a letter or call your representatives and ask them to make human trafficking an issue at the forefront of their work.  Demand legislation that will target traffickers and support programs for survivors. Call Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 to connect to your Senator or Representative or comment on specific legislation pertaining to human trafficking at Check out Polaris Project for information on state and federal anti-trafficking laws and policies or Shared Hope International for state rankings on human trafficking.

Encourage Magazine and Television Stations to Publish Stories about Human Trafficking

Many people read magazines and watch TV. Ask your local station or favorite magazine to publish a story on human trafficking.